jiana world

i love mc more then ssm stands for sterling. I’m gonna go to the deli after this and I hope I enjoy it for once. Right now, Melody is writing for me. I am going to play mc. I hope I see a really cute kitty named Boots after school. I think Sterling’s blog is very creepy and weird. I might do Library Quest with Mel and play with Jiana and Saylor if I ever get a chance to. I wish you all a good Thanksgiving.

cat word!

I love when i get the chance to kill xander! It is so fun.I love when i play mc. Today I made a lot of potions and I made a tattoo on my hand that did not turn out that good. And Sebastian carried me around. I intend to go outside maybe. I’m going to play mc after this and swing on the swing and see if I can play Twister with Beth, Max, Iphy, Hannah and whoever else is playing. And I’m going to watch videos and try to earn a bit of money and beg my mom if I can get any ice cream or Icee.