The Skeletons on 36th Street

   Prologue                                                                                                                                                                  I’m walking down the street, heading to Joey’s house. It’s Independence day today – I never really knew what Independence Day meant. I see his house, and I start running towards it. Joey is waiting for me in his front yard.

I’ve known Joey since we were babies. We used to live next door to each other, until I moved. He’s got a pet pitbull and he likes reading comics, just like me. He likes Marvel and DC, but I like Marvel the most. We wished we could have the most powerful abilities we could imagine: Joey wants to cure world hunger and I want to be able to control the weather.

Today, I’m running to Joey’s because my mom doesn’t want me to go. She’s concerned about Joey’s Grandma, Sally – my mom is suspicious of her. But I don’t really care. Little did I know she has good reasons to be suspicious…

Chapter 1

When I first get to Joey’s house, we play in the yard with Scraps for a bit, like usual. I go inside and have a cup of water. He and I go to his room and read comics for a while. Scraps comes with us, and falls asleep on the bed. I notice that something is off about Joey. We usually talk about how we think the comics are, but this time he just stares at the them without saying a word. I peek over at his comic.It seemed normal.

Just as I’m about to ask Joey if something’s wrong, his Grandma Sally comes into the room.

“Stay where you are,” she says. “I’m going on a call.”

Joey and I nod, but don’t say anything. Grandma leaves, and shuts the door behind her. The door, though, doesn’t shut fully and there’s a crack open.

I grab Joey’s hand and pull him to the door.

“What are you doing?” asks Joey, in a concerned voice. “She just told us to stay where we are.”

“Doesn’t that seem a little suspicious?” I say. “We should go see what she’s doing.”

Joey is always easy to persuade. “Okay,” he says timidly.”But if I do we don’t tell anyone ok Nick?

“Of course not,” I reply.

We poke our heads out into the hallway. Grandma Sally is standing at the other end of the hall with her hands raised. The hallway is dark – the only light is from the streams of light coming from her hands. The streams of light converge into a swirling hole. I open the door a bit more and I see that she’s stepping into the glowing portal-hole. We watch as her whole body disappears into the hole. A draft of wind comes gusting out of the portal and I can feel the temperature drop.

“C’mon, let’s go check it out.” Without waiting for Joey’s reply, I set off down the hallway, towards the portal.

“We probably shouldn’t do this,” says Joey, worriedly.

“Don’t you want to see what’s happening? A swirling portal just opened in your house and you’re going to go back to your room and read comics??

Joey says, annoyed, “Okay, fine.”

I set off down the hall, determinedly dragging Joey along, staring at the portal as it gets closer and closer. I look back, all I see is darkness. Joey’s bedroom door has disappeared. I thought the portal was further away, but it looks like we’re stepping in it already. I fall through the portal. It’s dark for a moment and then I hit the ground.


Chapter 2

I look around, and realize in horror where I am: a graveyard.My belly turns over,I see rows and rows of tombstones. It’s cloudy, and the only light comes from flickering torches surrounding the outside of the fence. I see Grandma in the distance. I look around and see Joey next to me. I press my finger to my lips and get up slowly, helping Joey up. I start walking cautiously towards a gravestone. I quickly hide behind it. Grandma has a shovel, and we see her digging up a grave. The tombstone she’s digging around falls with a thump.

We can see her in the hole of the grave and with her bare hands, she reaches down into the grave and pulls up a skeleton. She has a wheelbarrow and puts the skeleton in it. She continues on to the next grave, but not before she covers up the last, shoveling the dirt quickly back into the hole.

She’s heading away from us, so we follow her. I’m terrified to find out what’s going to happen next, but I can’t look away. I wish Scraps was there  to protect us.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I jump. I look at my phone and it’s mom – I fumble with the buttons to silence it quickly. But Grandma stops what she’s doing and starts looking around already, holding her shovel up high. She starts walking around the graveyard, peering around tombstones. I look behind us, and see that the portal has disappeared. She’s one tombstone away now, peering around it, and then, finding nothing, decides to go back to her work. I let out a gasp. She turns back, shrugs, and goes back to her digging.

I try to think of a way to escape when Grandma stops digging, grabs her wheelbarrow, and starts going back to the place we were before. She waves her hand in the air and the portal reappears. We see her go through it, then she’s gone. We quickly start running towards the portal. It slowly closes.

I jump through, next to Joey. Before I know it, I,m back in the cold house.

Chapter 3

When I get out of the portal, Joey is no longer there. I am back in the hallway. It’s cold, my hands are shaking. I get a phone call, and notice it’s from my mom again. I immediately pick it up.

In a shaking voice mom says that she’s been diagnosed with cancer. I feel devastated. I tell my mom the situation that I’m in. I can,t tell if she believes me. At this moment, Grandma comes up behind me, silently, covers my mouth and grabs my phone and hangs up.

Grandma says, “I knew there was more than one of you.”

She picks me up, brings me to the dining room, and ties me to the dining table. She puts tape on my mouth and shuffles away.

I look around. There’s nobody in the room, except for Scraps the adorable pitbull. Scraps is tearing up one of his toys. You know, like a good doggo.

I lick the duct tape and it slowly starts coming off. I rub my head against my shirt, trying to get it off. Eventually, it comes off. I try to coax Scraps towards me. Scraps comes towards me. I wiggle my fingers around, trying to get Scraps to bite the rope off. Scraps bites the rope. Eventually, I can get out. I get up, pet Scraps, and put him in his cage. I start going for the door, notice that it’s locked and I need to get the key. I start looking around the house, but I can’t find it.

I went upstairs, into Grandma’s room and found the key on top of her nightstand. I look around the room and I see a diary. And it looks like it was from her childhood. “Sally is on a swing when a boy comes up behind her and kicks her.He laughs and still laughing runs back home.Shes crying and runs to her mom.I can hear foot steps and take the dairy and immediately get into the closet.She comes in and I try to stay quiet so I cover my mouth with my hand so she wont notice me.She gets something but I don’t know what it is.She walks out and I wait about 5 minutes just to be safe. I come out of the closet and slowly walk out of her room and start walking faster and before I know it I’m at the front door and open the door and in horror realize what grandma’s doing.


It’s not ON fire, yet It’s just about to be. Joey’s grandma spilled lighter fluid on the car and her army of skeletons are getting closer with every passing moment! I think to myself If she drops that match, the whole car is gonna go up in flames. I wouldn’t put it past her to light that car on fire. And these skeletons are really freaking me out.


Dark clouds roll over the house, signaling the skeletons to attack. A construction worker grabs his jackhammer and starts drilling it into a skeleton’s head. His fellow grabs a crowbar and starts whacking at the skeletons. One of the construction workers, a guy named Jack, gets out his phone and calls 911.

“Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?”

“There’s an army of skeletons attacking!”

The 911 operator starts questioning him and after a few minutes the 911 operator gets convinced and immediately alerted the vice-president, who urgently told the President. At first, she didn’t believe him and she asked for more info. The Vice President said, “Well, we could look at their security cameras.”

They make a call back to the police and told them they need access to security cameras nearest to the skeletons on 36th Street. They looked at the cameras but all they could see was fog. Suddenly, the security camera went red and they saw a drip of something that looked suspiciously like blood on the lens. The woman operating the camera screamed as a face slammed into it. The camera crashed to the ground and blacked out.


I stand there, frozen, thinking to myself: Joey has been inside for hours now, and I’m scared that something’s happened to him. The construction workers will not be able to hold of all the skeletons much longer! They just impaled a guy with a jackhammer.

I grab a shovel and join the construction workers trying to beat back the skeletons. I shut my eyes and I feel something on the back of my head. I look around and there’s Grandma. She says “you again!” and hits me in the face with a bat.

The world goes black and I can feel my head spinning.

I wake up and I’m still in the yard. I can see the skeletons getting closer and closer. One of the skeletons has a crowbar. Most alarmingly of all, Grandma has disappeared. Then, suddenly, I hear a BOOM!

She lit the car on fire! She actually did it!

The skeleton with the crowbar starts pushing the others out of the way. It rises to the front of the crowd. It grabs its head and yanks it off. There’s broken wires and buttons under there. It’s a robot skeleton.

I look up. It’s pitch black outside. The only light is from the flaming car and houses on the street. All around me, there are dead bodies. The portal is glowing in the sky and bones drop from it, forming into skeletons. It’s silent except for the rustling of bones.

What is Grandma’s purpose – to take over the town. She’s one of those people who wants to have everything in life, but nobody would listen to her so she’s resorted to this because she wants the respect she deserved.

How does this end


I find myself in somewhere very dark.I close my eyes and hope its a dream.Later on. I start getting up when I look  at my watch and realize that its 12:00 and get a call from a hospital nearby and pick it up “hello?” I say “is this Nick Carlson?” “yes?” “we would like to inform you that your mother died of cancer” “oh…o-ok” “you will be living with your grandmother” “I’ll hang up now” I say crying “bye” I break down crying.

Chapter 4

I give a small scream as someone comes up behind me and touch’s my shoulder with a gasp of realization “Joey!” I got up and hugged him’ we have to get out of here now.I see a stair case I walk towards cautiously expecting something to happen but nothing did so I tried opening the door but no use, it’s locked, so I ran at the door but only got a sore back.

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